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Here on Hungarian Property 4 U Blog you will find some interesting articles about Hungary. If you’re planning to own a permanent or holiday home in Hungary, these articles may give you a better idea as to what you can expect.

On the other hand, If you already live in Hungary as an expat, you’re welcome to share your story or advice with us and we’ll publish it here on our blog.

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5 Per Cent of Sold Hungarian Properties Land in Foreign Hands

Every twentieth property in Hungary is bought by a foreigner, according to the Central Statistics Office. When it come to buying Hungarian properties the most popular regions are Central Hungary (Budapest & Suburbs) and the West Country (Lake Balaton and West Transdanubia). Not far behind is however, and getting more and more popular the Eastern …

The 15th of March and Hungary

What’s the connection between 15th of March and Hungary? The 15th of March is one of the most memorable and celebrated date in the history of Hungarians. The date’s significance actually goes back to the year 1848.