Hungarian Property 4 U is a child of a Hungarian real estate agency "Classingatlan" and specialized in promoting sale and lettings of Hungarian properties for foreign nationals.

The story

We started off as letting agents in the UK in South London area back in 2004. Due to personal circumstances we moved to Hungary in 2013 and basically "exported" our business too. At the beginning it was hard to to set foot on the ground of the local real estate market but just as with every business venture, if you work hard and you're persistent enough the sought results will come.

Now we are established real estate agents with a growing customer circle and gradually spreading our wings to cover more and more areas in the country.

Why have we started Hungarian Property 4 U?

The reason is simple. More and more customers are finding us from abroad and inquire about properties for sale in Hungary.

Some are retiring and just want to save some money on living, some come for the proper summers or to enjoy the spas that we have almost a hundred of, some buy or rent properties for their children who decide to study here, and some just buy a weekend house to have some fun in the summer months.

But the above list of reasons are far not complete, you just have to make a little research and will find thousands of benefits of living in the heart of Europe in a relatively safe country.

So at first we started to promote our own houses and flats that we have for sale in Hungary however, after a while other Hungarian real estate agents got in touch and asked us if we would promote their properties on the international market too.

It didn't need much thinking to say yes and here we are... :-)

Our Goal

Our main objective is to bring international real estate buyers closer to the Hungarian property market. To provide a great service and to treat all our customers in a VIP manner, to do everything in our power to fulfill their individual requirements.

Language barrier

It's hard to speak for others and obviously we can not make any guarantees on behalf of our advertising partners but we urge them to only advertise with us if they are able to communicate in at least one of the languages that our website is available in. On the other hand, we offer an interpreting service (between English and Hungarian) to customers who find it hard to communicate.

Full service

Our service doesn't just end with the completion especially if you buy a property as a holiday home. Our partners are here to take care of your property’s management, maintenance, security, cleaning, weed control, winter preparations, periodical checks and other related needs. We can even help you to find a reliable builder company if you buy a renovation project for example.

All in all, you can fully rely on us to provide you with an excellent and fully comprehensive service in all aspects of property needs when you decide to purchase or rent one in Hungary.

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